This sound was awesome! In the same room, Tony asked "Philip Mercer, are you here in this room?" The name was Phillip Mercer who was a priest here at the church who hung himself inside the church. We get a answer back that says "I'm.......Dead" There is a pause between I'm and Dead.

This sound was captured in room #3. Some people have told us this is the most haunted room In the church. Thin this file Tony Asked "Do you have a name" We hear a voice that says "It's Scotty"

This EVP came 7 seconds after the previous EVP we hear "Better your mother" 

Tony asked, "What is your name? We get an Intelligent response that says "Pete" and a different voice that says "Dearborn"

Tony and Dave were talking about all the background noise in the background and we here on the EVP "Wha"

Taking at the prison walls, Dave and Tony were talking when this sound came over the EVP saying "What"

Alton Federal Military Prison.

First Presbyterian Church

Nothing was really said at this time, We get a strange, deep voice that says "Hold me"

Same room, Tony asked "What's so scary about this room?" There is a long pause, then you clearly hear an exhale. This was not heard live during our session.