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Ashmore Estates

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Blown up

​​​On our visit to Ashmore Estates in Ashmore Illinois we noticed on 4 of our pictures which were taken on the second floor of the building we believe what looks like some kind of figure at the end of the hallway we were in. The four pictures were taken in order one after another  within a matter of just a minute and shows what looks like to us a female possibly with a shawl over her head and shoulders. In the first picture the figure looks to be staring directly at us at the end in front of the window. In the next 2 pictures it looks to have turned sideways and moved to the pictures left and you can tell by it is now in front of the white window divider from where it was. In the fourth picture it looks like it turned forward again and back near its original spot and looks not as complete of a shape anymore. There was nothing seen in person at the time these pictures were taken. Ashmore Estates has a very long and elaborate list of parnormal activity from its days as a poor farm and psychiatric care facility. They were taken with an IR camera in darkness and you can see the IR lights that are in the hallway.

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