Same place, same section. It has been said that some nights someone can either see and or hear what seems to be a lost soldier. Could this voice be the lost soldier saying “Help” then “Me” (A very faint “Me”)

Tony asked “Is somebody here?” And next you hear is a voice that says “Me” 

Before this sound Dave asked “Do you have a name” and it was almost 30 seconds after, we got this sound. of a short stutter that says “Emajean” 

This file Is Incredible. Dave asked the question “Did you serve under Grant” and we got this response that says “ Ulysses “ (Meaning Ulysses Grant) 

Greenwood Cemetery. Decatur, IL.  Oct 2010 / Nov 2011

N.I.P.T. gets an answer to how many people were here with us and Dave asked are there 4 people here? and the next 3 voices say "Yes, No, No"

Fulton Cemetery. Fulton, WI. July, 2012

About 1 minute prior to this sound file Tony stated If anyone would like to say anything, you can talk into the little red light on my recorder. A minute later we picked up this voice that say's "Hello"

Bachlor's Grove. Midlothian, IL. August,2011.

Same location, During the same ghost box session Dave asked “Are you related to Sue? (Our Client) Is that why you don't want her to leave? (Meaning our client is moving) Tony than say's can you pound once on the wall for yes, and two for no? And you hear 1 pound.  

This sound was caught After Dave had asked If someone could stand in front of doorway. It was noted that this home was for sale and we here clearly “This will be your house soon "

In basement as we were taking our video tapes out for the night, Tony and Dave were in the crawlspace area and got this voice that says “Thank you”

In the beginning of this file you hear “Hey” then Dave asks Tony what I’m looking at and Tony says to Dave I just got a cramp in my foot then you hear a voice say “What”


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Undisclosed location. McHenry, IL. Feb. 2013.

Prior to this file Tony said "My name is Tony, What's yours?' We get an instant reply that sounds like a very young person that says “Tommy” 

About 30 seconds prior to this next sound file, Tony was telling Dave “ Im going to turn off the EVP session for now " and we got this voice that say's. "Thats all you have?"

This is double EVP in the middle of the soldier section, Dave asked  "Were you Union or Confederate?" and the first voice says" Who's askin" and the second says "Union".You can hear the differnce in voices .

In the middle of the soldier section,there is a flagpole with an American flag and this EVP says"grab the flag"

Very straight forward. Tony asks what is your name and a female voice clearly says "Meagan"

In this ghost box clip, N.I.P.T. asked  "can you tell us how many people are here" and They get 4 different voices that say in order..."YA, 4, YES, THANK YOU"

These files were taking at Bachelors Grove, Known to be one of the most haunted sites In North America. As NIPT was walking down the path to enter,Tony picked up this "Grunt" Sound. Only thing that was said before the grunt was Tony stating he was starting an EVP session, date and time.

In the basement during the ghost box session with client. She asked "What do you want me to fix?" The file is kind of long but toward the end you hear "The bathroom!!" 

Tony asked “ If there was a little girl in the room & could you tell me your name” The response we got was “To cold” Which is kind of funny cause we asked our client If she could turn the heat off so we wouldn't get any Interference with the sound. The temp reading was about 53 degrees.

This EVP was caught while Tony was in the crawlspace changing the tape on the minidv camera and it sounds to say "they took my book" now the homeowner did tell us that people did use a ouija board in this crawlspace but not sure about any books

In the hallway taking more pictures, After you hear one of us take a picture you hear “See anything pretty?” Then right after a female voice says “No”

Dave says something to Tony, Then you hear this voice that clearly say's “Look Out” and a bunch of noise right afterward. This was not heard during the live session or something would have been said about this. 

After Tony walks his cramp off, He gives out this sigh of relief that the cramp is gone then tony says “Whew” and you hear a voice say “ Look in that room”

Approximately 15 min Into our EVP session we get this sound that's a mans voice saying “Go out and play”