During the ghost box session taking in the living room dave asked “Pick a number, any number” Shortly after we hear “6”

The Famous question never seems to fail. Tony asked “Whats my name” Without disappointment we get a female voice that says “Tony” What can we say, The spirits like Tony!!!

During the ghost box session Tony asked “Are you male or female” Shortly after you hear “Female”

Dave asked a question “Do you not wanna be here?” and we get a female voice that says “ I Do”

As Tony and Dave prepare to do the ghost box session we hear this Growl sound that comes over the voice recorder.

Dave and Tony were In the kitchen cause our client was asking us about a red dot she saw in the kitchen and we get this voice that's a child that says “C'mon everybody!”

This was taken In the kitchen, As Tony starts taking pictures he noticed that his flash wasn't on after taking the first snap shot. Tony turns on his flash and gets this voice that says “Yahoo” Is this spirit making fun of Tony cause he forgot to turn on the flash?

Tony asked Dave something about taking pictures in the hallway and he said yes was the only thing said prior to this sound which is a “gasp”

Undisclosed location in Crest Hill, IL. On May 24th, 2013.

This Evp we get an Intelligent response to Dave's question. He asked “Do you wanna stay or fold?” The answer we get is “Fold”

Nothing is being said at this time. Tony and Dave are just playing cards and we hear two voices. One says “Tell me” The other says “He lost it”

There have been reports of a picture frame falling off the wall for no apparent reason in the billard room and also a drawer that slammed shut in the maintenance room when nobody was in there. During our Evp session Tony asked “Did you knock the picture off the wall and then Dave asked “ Did you close the drawer?” You hear very plain “I might of”

As Tony deals the cards we hear a voice that says “I Win”

Tony asked “What is the reason why you are here?” and we hear a voice that says “He's gone

This Evp is somewhat funny If we say so ourselves. Tony and Dave are in the billiard room and decided to see if we can get some activity by using the pool table. Nothing asked at this time by either Investigator and you hear a voice that say's “My ball..........SHIT!!!!”

Tony asked “Can we help you in any way” We hear a male voice that says “They're trying to help”

At this time Tony and Dave decide to now try and see if they can get some activity by the card table so Tony brings out the deck of cards and starts to shuffle the cards. Dave says “Whats your game, 5 card stud?” You hear two voices. One says “Yes” and another voice says “Any”

While playing cards, Dave asked Tony to flip a card over and you hear a voice that says “4”

Tony starts to shuffle cards and we hear a voice that says “Deal” Which Tony and Dave react to cause it's coming off the ghost box..

We are in a room as a kids play room and library during a ghost box session and Tony asks "can you come help me read this book?" and theres an answer at 12 seconds that says "Yes"

This is a great evp. We have previous evidence of a little girl at this location so we focused our questioning towards her. In this clip Tony asked what's your name and we get a voice that says “It's Amy”

This audio recorder was left alone in the library room and there is silence for over 10 mins before this voice comes on and says come here and then another 12 mins of silence before we come get the recorder.


Dave and Tony during an EVP session put a doll in a room for "Amy" and left for about 5 min. During the time they were gone we hear "Is this for me?

Undiscolsed location. Westmont, IL.

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Undisclosed Location. Aurora, IL. July, 2011.

This sound was taking in nthe front room. At this time Tony and Dave were not saying anything or asking any questions.  What your about to hear is a deep voice that says "Nice and Dirty"  And you will hear another voice at the end of this clip that say's "Take her"