An Investigation wouldn't be complete if we didn't hear a voice with Tony's name in it. We hear a voice that say's "Help me Tony"

A Male voice saying "Please Help Me"

A voice that says "Go to sleep"

Blood’s Point was founded in 1836 named after Arthur Blood. The cemetery is said to be visited by orbs, a phantom dog, a vanishing barn, to the disembodied 

laughter of children and electrical malfunctions. Below are some EVPs NIPT caughtwhile visiting. The following 3 EVP's were at this cemetery and the recorder was left by itself without us near it for over an hour.

Blood Point Cemetery. Rockford, IL. Aug 15th , 2015.

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Just before this EVP was caught Dave said "We don't mean to disturb you, Then you hear a older male voice say "Cuse me" As If he was saying "Excuse me" but with the southern accent. A second later Tony responds to Dave asking "Did you hear something"


Greenwood Cemetery. Decatur, IL. June 20th, 2014.


No questions were asked at this time. Dave and Tony were just taking pictures and came across this male voice that say's "Burn" We ar not sure where this would of came from other than when the Robinson family lived here on the property the home burned down and were killed.

Nothing was said during this time. N.I.P.T. Were setting up our video cameras and we heard a faint whisper that says "Look down"

Tony dropped his EVP recorder about 30 seconds prior to this male voice that say's " Let it go"

This is a very faint voice as if the spirit was out of energy maybe. Nothing was really asked at this point in time. The only thing that was said prior was Dave asking If they Like these planes flying over the property. We hear a "Help"

Robinson Woods. Norridge, IL. Oct, 25th. 2013.

After we get a response of a female asking our question of how many are here with us, We asked "What is your name" We get a male voice that say's "Linda"

We ask "How many are here with us?" We get a female voice that says "4"

We asked "Captain, What is your name?" We get a slight pause and then we get "Newton"

Tony asked "What rank were you in the military?" We get a reply from the ghost box that says "Captain"

During the first 15 seconds on our Investigation, We get a random word that say's "Telephone" In a southern accent. 

These EVP's were taking October 17th 2013 at Greenwood Cemetery. Decatur, IL.

EVP'S # 3.