Seminary Ridge.

Jennie Wade House.


Maine Sharpshooter monument. During a time of quiet recording Dave and Tony heard loud cannon fire off in the distance coming from the main part of the battlefield. Could we have been hearing residual cannon fire after so many years?


From the Maine Sharpshooter monument.  Dave asked how many soldiers died back here and a voice says NONE .


From the Virginia Monument. . In the beginning you hear a loud breath into the audio recorder, then the sound of the digital camera coming on after that. Dave starts to ask a question and talking over him is a male voice saying "WHAT IS IT" possible referring to the camera he just turned on.


This was caught in a small section for Maine sharpshooters kind of behind the Confederate line. Dave and Tony were talking and Dave mentions how the union soldiers got so far behind the confederacy.. We get a voice that says "They Drove" Which doesn't make sense cause there was no driving but that what the spirit said.


In the Maine section after we get the "Book" EVP with still the same question regarding if someone could shoot their rifle or musket, We catch an EVP of a gunshot.


In the Maine section, Dave asked if someone could shoot their rifle or musket. We caught a male on EVP say "The Book"


On Seminary Ridge Tony started coughing and Dave being funny asks the spirits, Is there a medic here who can help Tony. We get a evil voice whispering that says "Yes you are".


This was caught by the Virginia memorial, After we pulled out our equiptment We hear a little kid say "That's mine"


In the Virginia Memorial section still, Dave asked "Are you still protecting the grounds?" We get a voice that says "Don't worry about shit!!"  


Gettysburg, PA.

This page Is dedicated to all who those that served at the battle of Gettysburg on July 1,2, & 3.  1863. Below you will find pictures, and Evp's  N.I.P.T. captured on our trip in September,2014. The Battlefield, The Jennie Wade House, Sach's Bridge and the haunted orphanage . It was a privilege to be here and to experience the history of Gettysburg.  It is something we will never forget.


Still by the New York monument side,  Nothing was really said at this point. We hear a very faint scream and what sounds like a flute toward the end of the EVP.


This was by the union side In front of the New York memorial and we hear someone taking a deep breath.


Sharpshooter monument. Dave had asked earlier is someone could fire off their rifle for us but caught on the recorder was the sound of an explosion of some kind.


On Seminary Ridge, Dave and Tony were silent for a while and we  hear a scream with our own ears because at the end Dave asked is anyone there. This sounds like a man screaming in pain

Sach's Bridge


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This EVP was taken over by Sach's Bridge. It was the only EVP we caught In this section.  We hear with our own ears this scream of what sounds like a soldier saying "Attack"


From the Virginia Monument,   This EVP sounds like a soldier saying "HUT" as if marching


When listening to EVPs it helps to listen with headphones as spirits don't always yell. Thanks


On Seminary Ridge, Dave and Tony were just talking and there is a scream caught on the audio recorder we do not make mention of hearing any scream with our own ears at the time



As we sit by the New York Memorial, Tony asked If anyone's name is on the wall and If so, What is it. We hear what sounds like Brockland or Brock.After doing a little history search, We were looking through records of civil war soldiers from New York. We found a soldier who is buried in Gettysburg by the name of  Pvt. John Brock. Could this be the soldier we heard?


During our trip to Gettysburg, We took a tour of the haunted Orphanage. This was the only EVP capture N.I.P.T. caught here. In this session the tour guide gave us an opportunity to take pictures and record for about a min. It is  said the caretaker Rosa Carmichael treated the kids there terribly. This EVP is  a little kid saying " Help me, Help! "


By the New York monument,  This was caught on 2 recorders a very loud breath right in the audio recorder that was by itself in the New York soldier monument.

Help Us.

On Seminary Ridge, We were no where close to Dave's audio recorder at the time which was left alone and there is a male voice that says HELP US HELP. Maybe this spirit was a doctor telling us to help a fallen soldier ?


On Seminary Ridge,  We thought we heard the sounds of drums being played from the battlefield and Dave asked is that someone playing the drums and there is a YUP EVP response