This is what we think is the spirt of a little girl that had answered some of our questions in an  EVP session earlier in the night. She had said her name was AMY and we think she is trying to reach for a camera that is on that chair in front of her.


In a series of pictures taken during the investigation, an orb appears floating near a doll used to attract the ghost of “Amy.”

NIPT Encounters of The Ghost Amy

Posted by trueillinoishaunts on October 29, 2012 ·

Tony Episcopo and Dave Gesiorski of Northern Illinois Paranormal Team.

In July of 2011, Northern Illinois Paranormal Team lead investigators, Tony and Dave, were requested to an “Undisclosed” location in Aurora Illinois. As the team arrived, we started setting up our equipment for our investigation. It has been said that people who work at this location feel uncomfortable and hear “strange noises.” One person who we interviewed stated that as he was eating his lunch, he felt as if hundreds of people were watching him eat. The same person told us he would hear a door slam when in fact nobody else was in the building. “Something just don’t feel right,” he stated.

As we cleared out the area, our investigation began. Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, we set up everything: video, audio recorders, cameras, etc. The only two people were in the building were us. You can say we were in “Lock down,” and as soon as we set up our equipment things started to happen. The first strange event was a pounding that occurred a couple times, and would respond to Dave asking if someone was here could they pound on the wall. The very next thing was as we were in the basement of this building we heard footsteps as if someone was walking directly above us, so we immediately ran upstairs and check the first floor to find it empty.

Next we started to do some EVP sessions and the EVPs we caught were just amazing. We captured a little girl’s voice. Of course we didn’t notice what we had captured until later upon our review. Upon reviewing our evidence this is what N.I.P.T. Caught. During an EVP session we asked if someone could give us a name. A few seconds later, we captured a little girl’s voice who says, “Its Amy.”  Upon reviewing our pictures we captured  what we believe is Amy reaching over to a chair grabbing Dave’s camera.

N.I.P.T. requested that we go back to this location and do a second investigation. Our request was granted, as Tony and Dave went on with now more questions to ask since we knew there could possibly be a little girl here. This second time around Tony bought a doll as a trigger object to use trying to make contact with the girl. We sat the doll on a chair and left our audio recorder on as we walked out of the room to just see what happens. Not more than a couple minutes went by, and we got an EVP of who we believe is Amy saying, “Is this for me?” Which we determined it meant, is this doll for her.

The other thing we have captured was on video. In the same room where we left the doll we set up this video session. We used a laser grid light for the purpose of using to spot shadows. Dave had set up this Laser grid using tape so it wouldn’t roll off the table and fall down and we left the room to investigate another part of building and left the video rolling with the laser grid and a K2 meter in the camera shot and came back around 45 min later. Right before this incident happens we had the ghost box running and decided to turn it off since we weren’t getting any results, and were setting up to do an EVP session. Tony had turned the ghost box off and in the audio clip you can hear Tony ask “Is that better,” then Dave asked, “Can you walk by the light now.

What Dave meant was the K2 meter light but what happens is the laser grid light spins and falls. This light was in that same position for over 45 min before this without moving.But maybe the most incredible experiences we had was during our second investigation both Dave and Tony also felt as if they were being touched right after Tony asked the question to the little girl possibly here “Could you come help me read this book” which we got a response of “Yes” also. The feeling of when they were being touched cannot be put into words but only as an intense electrical jolt which would move all over there body from head to toe as if something was trying to touch them.  It is Unknown still, on why this little girl haunts this area but N.I.P.T. Is hard at work trying to get back in there to do another investigation to hopefully figure out why. There is no history to this building as to why people are having the experiences they are. It all started by an Employee having a suspicion.