PIcture 3 Picture on info board

Picture 1 NIPT original picture

Picture 2 Robinson Family members

In 2011, NIPT had conducted an investigation at the infamous Robinson Woods where there have been multiple reports of sightings of shadows, aparitions and balls of floating lights and also people hearing a Native American flute and drums being played. During our investigation in 2011 one of our pictures taken with a IR digital camera looks like a male subject standing looking back at us and possibly standing in front of some kind of structure,looks like to us a Native American totem pole in the picture (picture 1 below). At a later investigation we were looking at a information board posted at the entrence to Robinson Woods before we went in and noticed a picture taken when the Robinson Family still lived on the property (picture 2,3) and saw a male subject standing in the picture looked very similiar to what we caught in our picture during the 2011 investigation. The male in the pictures are very similiar in the face but just in differnet clothing,the one in the picture we took looks to be wearing overalls. On the information board it does not exactly say who this male is except that it's a picture of the Robinson Family. This would be an incredible piece of evidence if we did some how catch a picture of a family member who was maybe trying to let us know he was there, or some paranormal investigators say that what you see in some pictures is a differnet time line coming through. As we like to do we post our evidence and let people make up their own minds. As always we thank you all for your support.  NIPT

Robinson Woods Picture