The Battle of Stones River or Second Battle of Murfreesboro was fought from December 31, 1862, to January 2, 1863, in Middle Tennessee, as the culmination of the Stones River Campaign in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. Of the major battles of the Civil War, Stones River had the highest percentage of casualties on both sides.

This EVP was also in the Slaughter pen area. It sounds like a male screaming very much like how the Confederate soldiers would have yelled their "rebel yell". Also we did not hear this yell at the time it is on the recorder.

We were extremely excited to get a chance to investigate here knowing the history of the battlefield. The following is the evidence we did get. One piece of evidence that wasn't caught and was a personal experience we did have during the investigation was that we heard a male voice yelling RETREAT ! We looked at each other and asked if we actually just hear that, we then immediately ran to where it came from to make sure no one was around and there was absolutely no one there. This was very late in the day and we didn't see anyone else in the park at the time, even when leaving. What is even stranger is that none of the audio recorders that were running at the time picked up on the voice, you only here our reactions to it. As always EVP's are always easier to hear with headphones. Please let us know what you think. THX NIPT

This picture also in the Slaughter Pen shows what looks like 2 shadows the one on the left looks just like an upper half the one on the right looks more complete being able to see dark colored pants again. (The solid black soldier in a shooting position in the middle is a statue)

This picture was taken along the line of cannons on the battlefield. It looks like a figure you can see what looks like dark colored pants and a head and shoulders 

This EVP also in the Slaughter Pen was during a part that investigator Tony had walked into what would've been the direct center of the Pen. About 15 seconds before this voice he had asked if someone is here what is your name. This male voice says "Jason" then a loud breath is heard directly into the recorder.

This EVP was caught within the first couple minutes we were there. We were in what was called the "Slaughter Pen" part of the battlefield where the worst fighting was done during the battle. The following EVP sounds like as male saying "save me"