Dave asked a question, "How many people were you in charge of" You hear a voice that says "To many people" and like a "Blimp" sound like you would hear on a Submarine.

Tony was walking toward his camera to check the battery power he had left. On his video recored he picked up a voice that says "Learn how to use that machine"

Welcome to the Videos page. Below is a discription of our videos and what happen during. Click the "Download" button to view your video.

Robinson Woods. Norridge, IL. July, 7th, 2012.

This video camera was left alone for close to an hour. There was some audio voices also caught here too but in this clip at about 9 seconds if you look just to the left of the 2 center trees that make a "V" there is a shadow anomaly that goes from left to right in between the trees.doesn't pass either side of the trees at all .

Undisclosed Area. Elmhurst, IL. June 30th, 2012.

In this clip you will hear a male voice talking...Being that it sounds like a far distance, we were unable to pick up what it is saying.

Undisclosed Area. Elmhurst, IL.  June 30th, 2012

This clip is very strange...this camera was left downstairs in the basement of this location for over an hour...the sounds here, are to be a mumbling voice then what sounds like a door opening and the voices get very loud almost like chanting then a loud door slamming sound and it all goes quiet .

Decatur, IL.Oct 22, 2011

This camera was left alone for over 25 mins and after about 20 the camera moves and gets pointed to the sky..what makes this even more interesting is we were investigating about 75ft away and Dave saw what looked like a shadow block out the light which was next to the camera about this time and we started walking back towards the camera to investigate.You can't see the shadow on the clip only the camera moving .

Westmont, IL.May 4th, 2013.

This video was taking in our clients master Bedroom. Tony and Dave are outside of the Bedroom conducting an EVP session. During this time you hear a sigh or breath.

Undisclosed Area. Aurora, IL.  Nov 11, 2011

Right before this incident happens we had the ghost box running and decided to turn it off since we had no results and we were just starting to get in the way for audio. We were focusing our investigation on a little girl who possibly haunts here, and we have a photo of her in our previous investigation here.

So Tony had turned it off the ghost box and in the clip you can hear Tony ask "is that better?" and Dave asked "Can you walk by the light now?" (Meaning the K2 light) But what happens is the laser grid light spins and falls. This light was in that same position for over 15 mins before this. To see more videos on Youtube, Search for Northern Illinois Paranormal Team to see more.

Tony asked, "What year is it" We gert a sound off our video recorder that says "Yeah"

This we can only discribe as a strange noise. We did not hear this noise during our Investigation, Only on the video.

Greenwood Cemetery. Decatur, IL. October 17th, 2013.___________________________________________________________