This EVP was caught on day 2 during the day when we actually found Mr. Newton's grave.  Dave said "We found you" Tony say's "There has to be a reason for it" Then we hear a faint female voice at the end that says "He's behind you"


Dave asked If Mr. Newton was by a landmark to point us in the right direction. We hear a male voice that says "Yes"


During our session Tony was asking in what direction we could possibly find Mr. Newton. We get a female that says "North" and a male voice that says "It's somewhere in here"


In this EVP, Tony asked "Is Mr. Newton here?" We hear a female voice that says " Help him."





This Headstone is the one we actually found during our Investigation taking June 21st, 2014.


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Still the first night and only a 18 min Investigation we picked up another EVP. Dave asked "Could you tell us what year it is?' Just after we hear a female whisper that says "He's dead"


Northern Illinois Paranormal Team was off again to Decatur, IL. June 20th for the 2014 Ghost conference. The trip to Decatur was awesome and we plan on  going in 2015. During our trip it is our tradition to always visit our favorite site at Greenwood cemetery. As most of you know N.I.P.T. was written up in  Mysterious Heartland online magazine for our William Newton story. We were on a mission, a mission wondering where Mr. Newton was located in the cemetery. Sure, I suppose we could have just picked up the phone and called Greenwood but we wanted to go in person and ask .Well, Friday night nobody was there. So we decided to go into the cemetery take some pictures and do some quick EVP sessions only since weather was turning bad at any time.  We figured we would come back Saturday morning and finish our search for his gravesite. After the investigation on Friday night we decide to review the  pictures we just took at Greenwood along with the EVP's to see if we picked up anything. As we were reviewing our EVP'S one of the questions we asked was if someone could tell  us the  direction or is there a landmark to the where abouts of Mr. William Newton. we picked up a female voice that said "North" and a male voice that said "He's dead" . Very Interesting reply we thought and also an Intelligent response to  our question. 
Saturday morning we took a ride back to Greenwood to see if someone who works there could tell us where Mr. Newton could be. Well, No luck again. So we  thought lets go with what we heard on the EVP hearing a female say "North"and start off where we were standing the night before where we caught the EVP and start walking north looking at al the civil war tombstones. After 30min or so we spotted a grave stone that reads "William Newton" and the location was  "North" of where we caught the EVP the night before. It was as far north as you can go in the cemetery along the fence line. So now that we found  Mr. Newton we started asking questions. What was the reason we were the guys he was trying to get the attention of the last time we were there? What was it he was trying to tell us?  Little did we know at the time we picked up an EVP from a female that said "He's behind you" It was very exciting to us that the EVP saying "North" lead us to Mr. Newton's spot, and then later hearing the EVP that was telling us that Mr Newton was possibly standing behind us that day we finally found his tombstone. But we still wonder why he tried contacting us that day over a year ago, what was it he wanted from us ? We still don't know for sure but maybe just the telling of his story for some reason will make him at peace. We feel that this is not over yet and there is more to come. Mr. Newton will talk to us again when he is ready and we hope to catch it when he does. This investigation will have a part III....Stay Tuned.