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This is part of the recording from a ghost box session where the final and best EVP we captured is heard. You can hear the frustration in this spirits voice as he says his name one final time for us. It's at the end of the clip. Even though it was a ghost box session the NEWTON at the end was not heard live.

EVP with male voice saying NEWTON. Not heard during investigation

William Newton Burial Info

IN October of 2013 NIPT conducted an investigation in Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur,IL. During this investigation we believe we had a very detemined spirit trying to make his presence know to us including him talking to us telling us his name in a ghost box session and also multiple times in EVP sessions. We only heard the times caught on our recorders during review later that night, but the response one time when this spirit told us his name in such a way that you could hear him sounding frustrated that we were maybe not responding to him telling us the first 2 times. After hearing this we did some research and found a soldier by the name of William Newton buried at this same cemetery. We believe that he was maybe trying to tell us his name so we would get his name out to some relatives would see the story and know he was buried there, were just not sure. Our story was published by the website Mysterious Heartland and below are the pictures and EVP's which tell the story better. We really would like to hear from anyone who has any information or if you have any comments in regards to this story.Thanks N. I. P. T.

William Newton Investigation

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